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FLAMMULATED OWL. Otus flammeolus

IDENTIFICATION. Flammulated owls, like the UK's Tawny Owl, have 2 colour phases, red and grey. The red phase in a cinnamon colouring of the facial disc and under side of the body. The grey phase consists of grey upper and off white under parts.

Both sexes have the same plumage with the female being slightly larger than the male. Large dark eyes are set into the reddish tinged facial disk. The beak is pale. Small ear tuft's are also visible.

DISTRIBUTION. North Western and Central America  migrating south in the winter to the Mexico region. Preferred habitat being mountainous areas with forests.

FOOD.  Insects, such as moths, beetles and caterpillars. Mice.

BREEDING. April-July. 3-5 eggs laid in a hole in a tree. Incubation takes 22 days.

SIZE.  16-17 cm (7.5in)

CALL. A low hoot


Not generally used in falconry displays, but their diminutive size should exclude them being flown by all but the most experience falconer. Such things as anklets and jesses can prove difficult for the owl to cope with in flight. If you wish to keep small Owls they need a good size aviary, not a parrot cage, and company.

Falconry marks

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