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Hybrid Raptors are used both in the UK and abroad. Please note that in the name of the hybrid the Male parent breed name is given first. i.e. Ferruginous/Harris = Male parent was a Ferruginous Buzzard and the Female parent was a Harris Hawk. To see what the parents look like click on the blue highlighted link in each titles.


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The Ferruginous/Harris Hawk hybrid is a bird I have not heard of before in the UK. Rusty Scarborough, from the USA, kindly sent me this picture of his 3 year old female Ferrug/Harris called 'Rogue'. His e-mail says of her;

"She has been a challenge but mainly since there is no trodden path of procedure.  I look forward to getting into the field this year.  She can be fierce and unbelievably powerful.  Her foot span is 4.25 inches from middle talon to hind talon.  Her intelligence amazes me often.  She doesn't miss a thing.  Definitely not the bird for a beginner or someone who wants to tally head counts.  But for the rare falconer that appreciates a spectacular bird and has lots of patience...they can be a true joy."



Gyr Saker.jpg (66564 bytes)

This hybrid produces a powerful falcon that is lighter in weight than the Gyr, with a larger wing area and better weather proofing than the Saker. Capable of taking a range of quarry from Pheasant to Hare, in weather conditions that would put most 



PereLannerM.jpg (116589 bytes)     PereLannerF.jpg (120104 bytes)

To me this is the most beautiful of the hybrids. Produced as a display falcon the Pere/Lanner has all the intelligence and skill of both birds, with the weather proofing of the Peregrine. As well as display flying these bird can be used on such quarry as pigeons and crows. 



PereSaker1.jpg (212111 bytes)     Peresaker blue.jpg (96599 bytes)    Peresaker river.jpg (511125 bytes)

The Pere/Saker was bred as a 'Crow' hawk. The longer legs of the Saker Falcon allowed the falcon to tackle the sharp beaked Corvids. However being a desert bird the Saker Falcon found the British climate difficult to handle. The weather proofing of the powerful Peregrine was added to the mix to help the Saker cope. However crossing the migrating Saker with the Peregrine, who's name means 'wanderer', may not be so advantageous.



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