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(in alphabetical order)

Many thanks to all those who donated pictures and information to RAPTOR ID.
It would not have been possible without your help!
Please visit their websites.

Peter Jones (Short-toed Eagle)

Gerry Lawson maker of quality falconry furniture.
(Goshawk, Sparrowhawk, Hobby, male Merlin, Peregrine, Red-tail, Snowy Owl, Equipment).

Kim Hyun-Tae (White-Tailed Sea Eagle)

Robert Goedegebuur (Marsh Harrier)

Hugh Harrop (Long-eared Owl)

Colin Pass (dark phase Gyrfalcon pictures).

Dr Chris Eastham & Mark Rob (white phase Gyrfalcon pictures).

U.S. Fish & Wildlife Service

Eddie, The Raptor Centre, Kent., for 'Grizzwald' the White-Backed Vulture

Karen Andriunas, Saker Country Pursuits, Devon., for the Snowy Owl, Kestrel, Black/Red Kite and Tawny Owl pictures.

The International Osprey Foundation (Osprey pictures)

Many thanks go to those of you who do not
have websites, but kindly provided pictures.

Paul Beckett for the Black Kite flock picture

Merv Brown for the Barbary Peregrine Falcon picture.

Jeremy Chanter for the juvenile Bald Eagle picture.

Tim Crawshaw for the Orange Footed Common Buzzard , Peregrine Falcon & Little Owl pictures.

Wayne Gillatt for the Rough-legged Buzzard pictures.

Terry Girling for the female Merlin pictures.

Laila Green for the picture, and information, of her Ferruginous Buzzard 'Cheyenne'.

Dennis Hall for the Sparrowhawk pictures.

Diana Hofmannl for the Long-Eared Owl chick pictures.

Heather Ford for the Global Falconry Red-Tailed Buzzard pictures & write up.

Graham Catley for the Short-Eared Owl pictures.

Rusty Scarborough for the Harris/Ferrug  pictures and Global Falconry write ups.and Global Falconry write ups.

John Troake, Wildlife Photographer, for the pictures of Barn Owls, Common Buzzards and Sparrowhawks.

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